Independent Radio

Independent and community radio is a grass roots media.  Community radio stations are run as non-profits to service their local community with radio programming reflective of the local culture and interests.  Community radio stations are run by a skeleton staff of employees, relying heavily on the community to provide volunteers as on air talent and in other key roles, as well as calling for members and sponsorship from local businesses.  As such community radio is uniquely positions to offer total community engagement with its audience.

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Targeting Audiences

4 People Media act as a ‘one stop shop’ to target specific audience groups. As a single point of contact for all our community stations, we take care of production, scheduling, editorial support and reporting for your campaign. We can help ‘cherry pick’ community radio stations in appropriate areas for you and work within budgets as required.

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Listener Statistics

In an average week over 5.2 million Australian, aged 15 or over, listen to Community Radio (Source: CBAA Community radio listener survey prepared by McNair Ingenuity Research Pty Ltd, December 2016).

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