Listener Stats

McNair Ingenuity Research 2012 / 2013

The Community Broadcast Association of Australia commissions a biannual independent survey of the sector from McNair Ingenuity Research.

Who’s listening?

How long do they listen?

How many listeners?

In an average week 15,648,000 Australians listen to radio, 4,446,000 (25%) of those listen to Community Radio each week and 10,611,000 (59%) listen occasionally

How long are people tuning in for?

Community Radio listeners are dedicated and consistent, with the average listener tuning in for 14.1 hours a week

Why do they listen?

The number one reason Australians listen to Community Radio is for local information and local news

Why do they listen?

A third of the Community Radio audience listen for Australian music and its support of local artists

What do they like?

Almost a third listen for Independent opinions delivered by local voices that sound like real people

When do they listen?

Listening is spread strongly across all parts of the day: Breakfast 57%, mid-morning 55%, Afternoon 46%, Drive 55%, Evening 30%, Overnight 10%

Who is listening?

The diverse Community Radio audience closely mirrors the wider Australian population across gender, age groups, employment types, occupations and income levels. 80% of Community Radio’s audience fall into the Main Grocery Buyer category

Where are they listening from?

Community Radio listening is strong across the 8 metro markets (cap cities) and is consistently strong across all non-metro markets, averaging 25% of the available audience across all markets

Is it valued?

Community Radio received a highly valuable rating by 95% of the audience

How do they listen?

Community Radio audiences access programming in multiple ways, 92.6% on AM/FM, 6.6% on FM & Digital, 0.8 Digital only, 53% listen online at some stage and a third access Podcasts

References; McNair Ingenuity Research Pty Ltd 2012. For all information regarding the “Community Radio National Listener Survey”, conducted by McNair Ingenuity Research goto: the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s website: Full survey available for download from