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Why we created 4PM

We created 4PM to unlock greater revenues for Community Radio and to give more businesses the opportunity to access this great medium.

Each of the founders of 4PM has lived and breathed the daily challenges of generating revenue in community radio. We understand the responsibility of running a radio station and we conceived 4PM as a model that benefits the stations, the communities they serve, and advertisers.

With valuable airtime week after week in most community stations across the state simply ticking by unsold we work in conjunction with the wider business community – which often believes that radio advertising is out of its reach.

We see ourselves as a vehicle that can offer a service to community radio stations and the greater business community.

How the 4PM business works for Community Stations

The station agrees to 4PM selling airtime on the stations’ behalf.

4PM sells sponsorship packages to its clients, offering spots on the collective group of stations. This gives each client the opportunity to package up a media buy from the range of stations from which we have signed contracts with.

4PM produces all carts including tagging each cart with your station’s call sign (eg. “…sponsoring XYZ FM”) and deliver the finished announcement to the station, together with a schedule requirement.

At the time of booking the spots for a campaign, the stations invoice 4PM for the number of spots booked, as per the booking schedule signed and agreed to. At the end of the campaign, 4PM pays the participant stations for the spots to be used.

4PM turns unsold airtime into revenue and manages the production of advertisements, to benefit stations and advertisers. This generates income to the station with no cost of sales.

Collective sales works better for everyone

Selling airtime for a single community radio station is tough, since many advertisers and media buyers want to access a wider range of demographics and regions than one station can offer.

4PM’s collective sales model gives these advertisers a new reason to look at community radio, as well as introducing smaller advertisers to the medium.

By re-framing the sales message in terms of a collective approach, the whole pie becomes bigger for all of the community stations that join in.

We understand that regional and sub-metro stations are under an unrelenting pressure to generate revenue, in the context of limited resources, broadcast licence conditions and their geographic and demographic situation.

Working together, community radio can be stronger, freeing resources to focus on making great programs, to the benefit of all stations.

FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between 4PM and our current sales approach?

4PM sells in volume packages, with campaigns spread across multiple stations. We cross over different markets and regions, making the package appealing to a broader range of advertisers.

Multi-region coverage across the collective stations makes community radio advertising viable for a much wider range of advertisers than a single community station.

What effect will this have on our current sales operations?

None. The 4PM model is designed to complement your station’s existing sales, and to unlock new revenue from new markets.

Your current advertisers have bought time with you in order to reach your market through a specific service that you provide. A client that wants announcements on air at specific times, on specific shows to specific audiences can only achieve that through paying a premium price with your individual sales managers.

A package purchased through 4PM offers the benefit of range and depth of radio listenership, with mass coverage, and will mainly be ‘run of station’ scheduling.

If a station gives 4PM a list of ‘no-go’ clients, we will honour that requirement.

Who chooses the suitability of sponsors for our station?

You do.

If your station has guidelines to accept or reject advertisers on ethical or other grounds, then you simply provide us with a copy of that document and we will honour your requirements.

Each of 4PM’s founders has experience working for community stations that have strong ethical guidelines on suitability of sponsors. We use that experience as our benchmark. We are committed to an open dialogue with Station Managers on issues of sponsor suitability.

Will our station be saturated in sponsor announcements?

4PM will only allocate sold spots on your station up to the limits you set, or those that are set by your license requirements.

Any participating stations that feel they have reached an adequate level of sponsorship time usage out of their 5 minutes per hour need just tell us and we will allocate the additional spots elsewhere.

What does it mean for our commitment to community to engage a for-profit company to help with our sales?

4PM is run by people who have been involved in community radio for many years, who remain passionate and want to see the sector thrive and grow.

We can only work with those stations that want to work with us. We recognise that our service is most valuable to stations that share our commitment to community broadcasting.

4PM is committed to transparency in our financial operations, and to sharing our profits with the stations we work with. Further into this you can call us for a discussion regarding rates, income and profit sharing.

Can 4PM represent my radio station?

Absolutely! Give Andrew a call on 1300 553 884 or drop us an email .

To check out the current list of radio stations we are representing, goto ‘Our Radio Stations’ tab on this site.